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New for OneSuite users: NO access numbers, NO PIN dialing and NO Wi-Fi required!

OneSuite's Mobile Dialer is a free application that acts as an invisible hand: it dials all your numbers for you when making an international call. You’ll know you’re being connected when you hear the prompts, just wait for your call to be picked up! You can also enjoy OneSuite’s super low calling rates along with your Android functionalities.

- Benefits: With this app, all your international calls will be connected via the OneSuite network, so you’ll be paying only pennies per minute, debited from your prepaid OneSuite account balance while using only your regular domestic airtime with your existing wireless provider.

- Hassel-Free: Open OneSuite Mobile Dialer and then simply dial any destination and the Mobile Dialer will seamlessly connect you to the OneSuite network. Our network determines your user account number, verifies your account balance and continues to process the call through its duration. You can also place calls directly from your Contacts, or by turning on Quick Dial Mode to use one touch dialing.

- International Coverage: Save 90% on international roaming costs! When you’re traveling outside the U.S. and Canada, use a local SIM card, and look up the OneSuite International Access Number of where you are, and start making calls.

OneSuite’s Mobile Dialer is your easiest way to enjoy tremendous savings on international long distance calls from your Android device.

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New to OneSuite?

Founded in 1999, OneSuite is a smart alternative in communications, offering users irresistible flexibility, mobility, and savings on long distance, internet fax, global call forwarding, and VoIP services.

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Sign up for a OneSuite account online

Pick and choose your preferred service options without any contractual obligations or frivolous plans

Manage all service features in one account

Enjoy quality service and super low pay-as-you-go rates with NO hidden fees

Recharge OneSuite credits

24X7 live customer service

You can use your OneSuite account to make international calls from your home phone, office phone, any mobile phone, as well as from any Internet-connected computer globally.

Check our low international rates at

Legal Note
The OneSuite Mobile Dialer is not responsible for the cost of international calls made from the Android dialer or other applications. Therefore, if you don’t see the OneSuite Mobile Dialer header on your keypad when making international calls, then you know that the OneSuite Mobile Dialer app is not being used, and the call will be handled by your mobile operator at your expense.

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